Family Members Who Have Fought in America's Wars

Revolutionary War   (1775-1783)

    Johann Adam Roush
    Jonas Roush - enlisted at age 17 in 1781

War Between the States   (1861-1865)

Confederate States of America

    Simon Grim - aged 47 in 1860, he served only from 1861-1862
    John J. Grim(m) - served from 1861 through 1865

World War I   (U.S. involvement: 1917-1918)

    Donald Clayton Grimm
    George Canardy Grimm

World War II   (U.S. involvement: 1941-1945)

    Emery D. Grimm

Vietnam War   (U.S. committed combat troops: 1965-1975)

    Danny Robert Hesson - killed in action

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