Welcome to Our Branch of the Grimm Family Tree

This web site provides genealogical information for descendants of the Grimms who settled in the Big Bend area of the Ohio River valley in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Several problems exist for the genealogist regarding settlements in this area. Transport across the Ohio River put antecedents sometimes in the state of Ohio, sometimes in the state of Virginia, and later, sometimes in the state of West Virginia. Then if the people themselves weren't moving, borders were. What was part of Kanawha County, Virginia in 1804 became Mason County, Virginia, and in 1863 became Mason County, West Virginia. If a family moved across the river, today's researcher now has two state archives to visit. Birth, marriage and death records for one generation of Grimms will be found in Richmond, Virginia, but records for their children are to be found in Charleston, West Virginia, even though those children were born on the same land as their parents.

A second problem arises with the spelling of the surname. Early generations, such as Simon Grim, used the one 'm' spelling. But Simon's sons John and Silvester were known to use both. And by the time John and Silvester's sons were grown the family used the two 'm' spelling almost exclusively. Tracing branches of the family is obviously complicated by these different spellings.

NOTE: Out of respect for privacy and identity protection, living persons are not included on this website unless we have their permission so to do.